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hello hello helloooooo!
sooooooooo yeeeaahhhhhh.............................hi. My name's Alyssa, but you can call me Lyssa or Alice.....or whatever really. I'm a sophmore English major at Bluffton University, which you might know from the baseball bus crash a couple years back, or maybe you don't even know it at all (I don't blame you if you don't). I don't really know what I'm gonna do with my life. AT. ALL. yay. I'm pretty informal when I write online, but not to the point where type lyk dis. I like writing. a lot. buuuuuuut...........i'm always busy with homework, so i don't really get a chance to write everything that i want to, and a lot of my great ideas come when i'm daydreaming in the middle of class. Here's a sonnet, called Searching for Spring, that i wrote in class (fortunately it was an assignment for that class, not just me daydreaming again).

It’s getting cold and leaves begin to fall.

Your memories will not leave me alone.

I wait for you, but you will never call.

When winter comes I hope this will be done,

So I won’t have to stand out in the snow.

The lights were on, but now nobody’s home;

There’s still so much of you I’ll never know.

And nothing’s left here for me so I’ll roam,

But as I wander, nothing can I find.

The whiteout blinds me so that I am lost.

I try not to regret what lies behind,

And will move on no matter what the cost.

And maybe someday soon my heart will thaw,

So I can leave behind winter and fall.

so yeah, i really liked it at first, but then i had to fix it up a bit, and the more that i messed with it, the less i liked it. but for some background info, fall and winter are gloomy enough (i'm a summer girl), but the changing of the seasons reminded me how hard it was for me to get over my breakup with Kory. and looking back, i went through quite a few phases. first was shock. the breakup came out of nowhere, and i kept thinking that it was all a bad dream, or he would come back the next day and beg for my forgiveness. I waited for him for a couple weeks, but near the end I was losing hope. Then i started to realize that i should have saw this coming, and i didn't know him as well as i thought i did. I was still confused and had a bajillion questions i wanted to ask him, but he cut off all contact with me. then near the end, i finally started to gain a little hope and tried my hardest to move on.

wow............that was ridiculously depressing. anyways, the past is in the past now. no more emo (and no more emo boys, they're too complicated and too much drama)! so yeah, not all of my stuff will be emo or romantic, but i'm a hopeless romantic at heart, and it's my favorite topic! well, i hope you'll consider adding me as a friend (please let there be someone reading this and i'm not just talking to myself)!

<3 Lyssa aka Alice <3


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