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shivers & vanilla twilight
Just wanted to share a couple things! first off is a poem I wrote not too long ago called Shivers. I think it's decent, but I might end up changing/fixing it later. Unlike my sonnet, there is no rhyming in this poem. I only did in my sonnet because I had to :P. Anyways, here it is!

When I let my mind wander,
I think back to when we were happy.
I think that when we were together,
It was the happiest I had been in a long while.
And it starts out so innocent;
I think about a joke you made,
And all of the sudden,
I feel it.
Phantom shivers crawl over my body.
Your hand was on my hand,
My cheek,
My lips.
And sometimes I even hear your voice.
It feels like you’re still here,
And I have to vanish these thoughts and feelings,
Because if I don’t,
I might think that you actually loved me.

God! I was sooooo emo back then! haha...actually, that's not too bad compared to some of my others. But do not fear, I have non-emo poetry! But this next thing isn't a poem, it's a picture i made! I looooove the song Vanilla Twilight by Owl City sooooo much!!! it's sooo adorable!!!! See? Now the hopeless romantic's kicked in! anyways, here's a really pretty picture of a "vanilla twilight" that i added my favorite lyrics (in no particular order)by using which you should check out (after looking at this, that is)!

(hopefully it shows up! if not, i'll put it on my livejournal picture thingy) I don't really remember where i found the original, but i looked up vanilla twilight in google images & found it on the second page i think. Anyways, thanks for reading & please comment & friend me if you want! i'm nice! i don't bite, i swear!

<3 Lyssa aka Alice <3

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